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Face Forward and Focus on Your Future

Renew your thinking and transform your future!

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The Why Behind Granted Vision

My life purpose is to impact lives in a positive way, help others improve every area of their lives, inspire, and motivate others to discover and develop their potential and live life to the fullest.  I want to partner with others as they work toward personal and professional transformations, to add value.  To whom much is given, much is required. 

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Business owner Quinetta Grant

My Story

Granted Vision, LLC is a faith-based initiative committed to helping others discover their greatness.  I’m Quinetta. A Believer. A Widow.  A Mom.  I am working to fulfill my God-given purpose to encourage, empower and inspire others to face forward and focus on their futures.  I bring you information and initiate conversations that provoke you to gather your thoughts, renew your dreams, and instigate your lifestyle change.  

Locally owned and operated Christian business.  Specializing in helping people discover their greatness and achieve their dreams.  The money spent with Granted Vision stays in our local economy.  It is my desire to impact your life in a positive and meaningful way.  It is my intention to keep you as a client and earn your loyalty.  Service will always be provided with excellence and integrity.

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When to Work with a Granted Vision Team Member

If you need assistance addressing challenges and don’t know where to begin, Granted Vision may be a good option for you. We welcome the opportunity to connect to see how we might work together to address challenges that you and/or your team are facing.  

Ready to Transform your Future?  Contact Us!

To make a direct connection, call me at 312-439-3381. Contact us.

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