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5 Keys to Financial Wellness

1. Live Within Your Means

• Spend less than what you earn. Never overextend yourself financially because getting out of that hole will not be easy.

• Learn how to control spending in order to effectively manage your debt and live in good financial health.

2. Put Money Away

• It's important to establish a habit of saving consistently. You should have long-term savings, savings for retirement, and an emergency fund.

• Always maintain funds for an emergency, such as medical bills, car repairs, or dealing with the loss of employment.

3. Eliminate Reliance on Credit

Some types of debt are worse than others. You may not be able to avoid student loans or medical bills, but you can avoid depending on credit to survive.

• Avoid accruing any debt that you cannot reasonably pay off quickly.

4. Invest Regularly

• Create an investing plan that you can stick to.

• Your goal should be to eventually have your investments working to support you.

• Wise investments can go a long way in preparing you for retirement and helping you achieve the standard of living that you desire.

5. Maintain a Financial Plan

• Planning is essential to getting where you want to go.

• Your plan may change over time, and this is fine, as long as you have a basic idea of where you're heading.

Your financial plan will help you stay in good financial health by helping you prepare for the future.

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