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Giving makes me rich

I am blessed because I love to bless others. Rather than give because I am rich; I am rich because I give.

Having money and being rich are two very different ideas. The grandness of my wealth cannot be measured by standard measurements. My wealth is of substance and value because it is everlasting.

A large home, an expensive vehicle, and all the luxuries in the world pale in comparison to the feeling I get when I meet a need. The things money can buy are temporary, but the joy of giving lasts a lifetime.

Seeing the expression of gratitude and relief in the eyes of a person I have helped is worth more than anything money could buy. By helping others, I become rich in love and relationships.

I give extravagantly, expecting nothing in return. I give to people in need and to people who I simply want to bless. When I purchase gifts for friends, I give thoughtful gifts of high quality. I get energized about doing something kind for someone else.

My heart is full and my household lacks nothing when I share what I have. I look for organizations and individuals whom I can help. From local schools, classrooms, and churches to national non-profit organizations, I do my part to support the noble work of others.

Today, I choose to open my eyes and my wallet to help someone else. I enrich my own life by giving to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does giving enrich my life?

2. Who can I give to today?

3. Why is giving better than taking?

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