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My confidence grows when I leave my comfort zone

I am a creature of light, love, and movement, and I thrive on the chance to expand my horizons, broaden my experiences, and take on new challenges.

I grow and evolve when I am pushed to try something new, and I relish and embrace the opportunity.

I have the courage to leave my comfort zone in order to try something new; I find this an exhilarating opportunity to learn, and I am always grateful for the opportunity.

I see that even if I seem to fail at this new challenge or find that it is something that lies outside my interests, there is still incredible value in trying something new.

I perceive a challenge as a chance to learn, rather than a failure to feel ashamed of.

I make a choice to push myself out of my comfort zone as often as I can. I see that there is true freedom in this, and I trust myself.

I know that I have the strength and skills to tackle any obstacle, and so I see no risk in trying a new challenge. I always find a way through, no matter how tricky it may seem.

I am powerful. I am courageous. I am capable.

Today, I choose to grow, expand, and evolve by leaving my comfort zone. I see that only by pushing myself to my limits and trying things that scare me can I truly grow, and this is a prospect that excites me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. If I have reservations about leaving my comfort zone, where might these come from?

  2. What is something that I would love to try but have been too worried to attempt?

  3. What would a life without fear look like for me?

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