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To me, living well means doing more for others

The quality of my life is directly associated with how I use it.

Fulfilment comes when I am able to bring something positive to someone else. Seeing how my supportive words impact others is valuable to me. Contributing to their path is one of my most rewarding roles.

When someone is experiencing financial strain, it is my duty to assist them. I know that I have much more than many others. It is easy for me to share when I hear a cry for help.

Although I have my own life goals, I accept when they are interrupted due to an outstretched hand. I believe that I am put in situations at a specific time to broaden my focus and goals.

Personal ambitions are important, but so is being a beacon of hope.

Fasting gives me a chance to experience lack so that I become more sensitive to the reality of others. It recalibrates my humility meter and shows me where to focus my energies.

When I close my eyes each night, I smile because I feel fulfilled. I know that feeling comes from thinking less about myself and more about others.

Today, my practice of sacrificing leads me to a humbler existence. It gives me great pleasure to live a life of charity and outreach. Being a source of support for others is my greatest role in life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways am I able to assist those around me?

2. What areas of my life benefit from an abundance that can be shared with those who have less?

3. How do I go about giving back from kindness that is shown to me?

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