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Wealth is measured by how peacefully I sleep at night

When I think about an ideal existence, I focus on experiences instead of things. Experiences can put a true smile on my face and make me content.


Knowing my family is safe allows me to feel at ease. Their well-being is my top priority. I check up on them throughout each day and remind them that I am here to support them. Being a rock is one of my greatest roles in this life.


I sleep peacefully at night when I am able to spend time with my friends. Our sense of togetherness is strengthened each time we hang out together.


Knowing that there are people with whom I am able to be myself gives me a sense of peace. I feel free and unrestricted, thanks to my close relationships. And that helps me to love myself as I am.


Material possessions provide temporary joy, but that joy fades once the novelty of the purchase wears off. I prefer to spend on adventures that are forever etched in my mind.


Having memorable experiences to run through my mind at night contributes to a peaceful night of sleep.


Today, I feel like the richest woman in the world because I prioritize matters of the heart over material possessions. My nighttime sleep is satisfying because I stay away from focus on worldly things and concentrate on what brings me joy.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What else do I do to ensure that I sleep well at night?

  2. How much of an impact does a comfortable work environment have on my peace of mind?

  3. How do I know when I need some time away from my regular routines?

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