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Affirmations for the new year.

I am financially strong as I move into a new year.

The coming of a new year provides me with great opportunities. I make my New Year better by improving my finances. I am capable of improving my financial life!

I am strong and can take on anything that comes my way. I see financial challenges as opportunities to work smarter and harder in order to better myself.

Finances are important to me because it provides me with security for the future. My future is a valuable thing. I care about making both my present and future the best they can be. When I focus on my finances, I see ways in which I can improve in the New Year. Because I work to improve, my finances continue to get better and better.

How I make and spend my money is important. I am strong in a financial sense because I know that money is a valuable commodity. In the New Year, I see how I am able to do even better when it comes to my finances. I enjoy working with my finances to see what I can do with them. It's fun to work with figures and new ideas.

My financial strength comes from dedication to my work and from making good choices. If I make a mistake, I correct it and avoid making it again. Through learning and growing, my financial picture is bright. The future looks good because I remain financially healthy and strong.

Today, I am strong and capable financially as the New Year arrives.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to move forward financially in the New Year?

2. How can I avoid getting into old financial patterns from previous years?

3. What should I do to ensure I'm staying on the right financial path?

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